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IMPACT award winner Professor Stewart Clegg

The IMPACT Award acknowledges good practice of impactful management scholarship (i.e. teaching, research, leadership development).

Stewart Clegg is a leading international researcher recognized in a number of fields in the social sciences for his work in organization studies and on power. Practice, power, and ethics have been central to his engagements in research, teaching, and management education during the last 35 years. While his research is conducted in organization studies, his influence from sociology and philosophy is indisputable. Wittgensteinian philosophy and Schutzian phenomenology has continuously provided inspiration for his work – thus firmly grounding this work in practice.

His enormous impact on research and teaching as well as management practice is undisputable. From the first edition of “Power, Rule and Domination” in 1975 to the latest edition of “Managing and Organizations” Stewart has continued to provide a critical eye on organizational practices, and his eloquent pen has provided his insights with an overwhelmingly diverse audience on an international stage – in research, teaching and the world of business.  Stewart Clegg is recognized, by a multi-method ranking, as one of the world’s top-200 “Management Guru’s” (and the only Australian) in “What's the Big Idea? Creating and Capitalizing on the Best New Management Thinking” by Thomas H. Davenport, Laurence Prusak, and H. James Wilson (2003), Harvard: Harvard Business Review Press.

Stewart was the lead editor in producing the Academy of Management Award-winning Handbook of Organization Studies in two very different editions in 1996 and 2006; the Handbook of Power. When George Ritzer produced the eight volumes of the Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Sociology Stewart was asked to be the section editor for the ‘sociology of organizations”. When Sage London wanted to produce an eight volume collection of key works in organization studies Stewart was asked to edit the collection. When Sage California wanted to produce an Encyclopedia of Organization Studies, he was asked to be the editor. He titled it The International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies in order to represent the global reach of the networks he was able to draw on in the production of the four volumes. When Professor Cary Cooper wanted to produce a Handbook of Macro-organizational Behavior he asked Stewart to be the lead editor. In short, when key works in the fields of organization sociology, organization studies, and power are produced Stewart Clegg is recognized as the person who produces them.


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