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Driven By Collaboration: Gehry's Final Design

UTS has approved the detailed design of the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building designed by architects Gehry Partners.

The approved design features a number of refinements to the building’s exterior but has mainly centred on the design of internal teaching, learning, office and public spaces.

Excavation work will start on site in early October, with the existing Mary Ann Street Car Park being closed at the end of the month. Construction is set to begin in early 2012.


  • The west-facing façade’s glass panels (overlooking Harris Street) now feature a 'chevron pattern articulation' to the glazing.
  • The much-discussed “crumpled” brickwork of the east façade, overlooking the Ultimo Pedestrian Network, will now fold more smoothly in places when compared to the previous design.
  • Internally, consultation between the architects and the university has created a variety of teaching, learning, research and office spaces all centred on collaboration and technology.
  • These facilities will service the building’s principal occupant, the UTS Business School, though the UTS community and public will also benefit from the public spaces and general teaching spaces within the building, such as the 240-seat auditorium and cafes at ground level.
  • A full list of the project’s features can be found on the Master Plan website.


  • Contractor AW Edwards will take possession of the building site, currently used as a car park, at the end of September.
  • From October, early works will start to prepare the site for construction in 2012.
  • The Early Works package involves a variety of activities, but centres on the excavation of the site and remediation of any extant soil contamination issues.
  • The UTS team has been working closely with AW Edwards to understand and refine the design in order to ensure the building can be built on time and on budget.
  • This pre-construction services work will continue until early 2012, when building work is set to start in earnest.
  • The excavation and construction will have limited impact on UTS operations as it is not adjacent to any other UTS-owned buildings.

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