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Today the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) announced Australian Government funding support for its $536,000 ‘Future of Management Education’ project.

The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) has approved funding of $271,100 for this ambitious 20 month project under its Workforce Innovation Program, to be matched by a commitment of $265,200 by the ABDC and its constituent business schools.

“This major collaborative project by Australia’s 40 university business schools will be the most important reassessment of business and management education since the Karpin report on leadership and management skills in 1995”, said Professor Roy Green, Interim President of the ABDC and Dean of Business at University of Technology Sydney.

The project will comprise a scoping paper on new developments in management education around the world, a consultative forum next year with key Australian business leaders, trials of innovative approaches to the curriculum in at least five business schools during 2012-13 and a concluding report in September 2013 aimed at disseminating best practice models across the higher education sector.

The project will build on two recent reports on Australian management in a global context. The first was a report for the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR) titled Management Matters in Australia – How productive are we? This report by a consortium of business schools with the London School of Economics found that Australian managers lagged behind world best practice in most areas, especially in the area of “instilling a talent mindset”.

The second report titled Leadership, Culture and High Performing Management Practices of Workplaces in Australia was also produced by a consortium of business schools led in this case by the Society for Knowledge Economics. This report for DEEWR showed that leaders in higher performing organisations prioritise people management, involve people in decisions, encourage innovation and are more responsive to customer and stakeholder needs.

“We look forward to the contribution this project will make to addressing poor productivity performance in many Australian businesses, and to developing the capabilities of our next generation of managers and leaders as they face intensified competition in global as well as domestic markets”, said Professor Green.

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