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Call for Selection Panel Nominations: Associate Dean, Research and Development (FASS)

 Nominations are now called to fill the following positions on the selection panel for Associate Dean (Research and Development):

• 2 members elected from the Academic staff of the Faculty

• 1 member elected from the Professional Support staff of the Faculty Nominees to the academic positions must be a fixed-term or continuing member of academic staff member in FASS. Nominees to the professional support staff position must be a fixed-term or continuing member of the professional support staff in FASS. In the event of there being more nominees than positions to be filled, ballots to fill the contested positions will take place as soon as possible after the close of nominations.

Features of the election process are:

•there will be two separate elections – to elect 2 Academic staff and to elect 1 Professional Support staff

•fixed-term or continuing academic staff from FASS may vote for the academic representatives, while fixed term or continuing professional support staff from FASS may vote for the professional support staff representative

•voting will be by the quota preferential system

Nominations for all positions are open from the date of publication of this email and will close at 5:00 pm on Friday 4 May 2012. Late nominations will not be accepted. If you wish to nominate yourself please do so via email to You do not require another person to propose or second your nomination. If you wish to nominate another staff member please obtain permission from that person and email the nomination to, with an accompanying document of agreement from the nominee (this can be an email from that person or a signed document attached to your email).

Requirements for the selection panel are:

• Dean (convenor)

• Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor or a Deputy Vice Chancellor (with academic portfolio responsibilities)

• Two members of Academic Staff from the Faculty elected by and from the academic staff of the Faculty

• One Professional Support Staff member elected by and from the support staff of the Faculty

• A representative external to the Faculty, which may include senior representatives from other universities or industry

NOTE: Before nominating, please ensure that you are available on Friday 18 May 2012 from 2 - 6pm to participate in the selection process and interviews.

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