Workshop: Grant Writing - How to include economic evaluation in your trial proposal

This two day workshop has been developed in response to feedback at previous CREST introductory health economics workshops.  It is designed for individuals who have an idea for a protocol with an economic evaluation component and who want to prepare a funding proposal or grant application for early 2012. 

The workshop program consists of four sessions:
•Do I really have an economic evaluation question?
•What outcome measures should I use and how can I collect them?
•What resources do I need to think about and how can I collect them?
•How do I actually fill in the application form to include economic evaluation?

The intended audience for the workshop is those with an idea for a protocol which may have an economic evaluation component, and want to prepare a proposal or grant application for March 2012 (eg NHMRC or ARC grants). Individuals will need to submit a one-page structured abstract of their idea prior to the workshop. This will then be worked on during the workshop, with the aim that by the end of the two days each idea will be developed enough to be incorporated into a grant proposal.

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12 December 2011 to 13 December 2011
09:00 - 17:00
City - Broadway Mary Anne House
All Welcome
Free to Cancer Collaborative Trials Group Members
Alison Pearce, Ph. 02-9514-4742

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