Master of Planning (C04007v6)

What is this course about?

This course provides students with a thorough understanding of the economic, sociological, environmental and other theoretical and practical knowledge underpinning the governance in urban management and urban development. It has a strong focus on sustainable urban development.

Graduates of this course understand the nature and methods of planning and urban management and the interdependency of various urban policy fields, agencies and institutions which enable sound urban outcomes.

They can responsibly participate in planning debates, apply sound and appropriate urban design principles, communicate at a superior level and constructively reflect on planning methods and practice.

Graduates also recognise and develop ethical, just and professional methodological approaches and practices.

Why study this course?

With an engaged and practical approach, this course focuses on urban planning and development processes, sustainability and creative development control, and enhances knowledge and skills in urban management, property development, urban design and environmental policy.

Property development and planning students study a common first year, which develops a mutual understanding of how to balance private and public interests in urban development.

What jobs are there for graduates?

Skills in community planning, development control, infrastructure management, planning and environmental law, and strategic planning open up careers in government departments and agencies, local government, major development companies and private consulting firms.

What is the course duration?

The course is offered on a one-and-a-half-year, full-time or three-year, part-time basis.

All lectures, seminars, workshops and site visits are held during four full-time weeks spread through the year. This facilitates interaction and teamwork, and meets the needs of busy professionals and those living outside Sydney.

In the part-time program, students attend 10 week-long sessions in the first two-and-a-half years and the equivalent of two weeks in the last half year.

Full-time students attend six week-long sessions in each year of the two years of the program in conjunction with part-time students. Between attendance weeks they may attend additional classes and seminars.

Note: International students in Australia on a student visa are required to undertake full-time (FT) study as a condition of their visa.

What professional bodies recognise the course?

This program is accredited by the Planning Institute of Australia.

Where do I get more information?

For comprehensive details on this course, see the Master of Planning in the online handbook.