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Deep Puri - UTS: Engineering international student profile

Deep Puri is from Mumbai in India.

Deep is currently studying for MBA with two sub majors in Engineering Management and Project Management. He completed his Masters in Engineering Management in 2007. Deep is also a recipient of the Achievement Scholarship.

He was keen to enter a two-year program which gave him some technical but mainly management subjects. After a lot of researching and careful consideration he selected UTS engineering and has found it to be a great place to study.

Deep considers the MEM amazing – the subjects are just what he wanted and they, together with the lecturers, make him think, question, and think more critically.

"My experience of being at Sydney has definitely added to a change in the way I think, view and do things.

hen I initially landed in Sydney, I was excited looking at people from different nationalities and it was more charming meeting them and getting to know them.

Studying at UTS, I have met people from various cultures and nations, like UK, Germany, France, Italy, Columbia, Thailand, Korea, China… This is a multicultural land! I have made friends from Jordan, Germany, France, and Iran. I can say I have friends from different parts of the world. I was so happy, to have a team mates who have worked as assistant managers, managers and general managers, I have gained insight of work culture by working in teams with them in our class room sessions. I would say the 'group meetings' are something I have enjoyed with these different people, almost every meeting use to end with a round of small outing!

In my free time I read (the UTS library is a favourite) and continue to learn French. Making new friends is in my nature; partying and exploring the city is also something I enjoy! I love learning about other cultures and societies and I m very keen on exploring and trying new cuisines. I think one of the best pass times are the 'pyjama parties' at UTS housings!

I think people here have laid back attitude that is something I like adapting to. Staff at UTS has been a great help in encouraging me and bringing the best out of me. I was encouraged to give a Welcome Speech to theinternational students for Autumn 2007. The Services at UTS are just the best; I have used their medical, career counselling and job hunt services. What more can I say, as an international student, all the jobs that I got introduced to, were through their job website!

I joined an IT company in their technical department. Since then, I have progressed in the company and currently am waiting for my final semester to be over, to join the company as a full time employee and I'm very excited about it. Also, during my summer holidays, I worked as a translator at a media research company. I've worked as a Technical Consultant for a few offices in Sydney too.

I made use of the UTS career counselling services, and I m so grateful to Mr McKenzie, who has guided me in choosing a career I would like to pursue in future. We started from scratch and went step by step in selecting my interests, skills, etc…Choosing a career was more like a process then a single decision. Finally, we found what I was looking for.

In the near future, I aspire to be project manager, and begin my own firm for Technical Consulting for various organizations. I m sure the knowledge and skills that I have gained from the learning's at UTS will be helpful in achieving my aspirations.

In my view, there are many opportunities waiting for us to grab and off course some of them I have found in Sydney, Australia. In future I would be looking forward to seizing a few such opportunities."

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