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Ajitesh Rana - UTS: Engineering international student profile

Ajitesh RanaAjitesh Rana is from Delhi in India. Ajitesh completed his undergraduate engineering degree at Amity University specialising in Automation and Mechanical Engineering and he’s now enrolled in the Master of Engineering Studies (Manufacturing and Engineering Management). Ajitesh has already completed the Master of Engineering Management.

“Australia has always fascinated me – the culture, the beaches; I think it’s a high-profile country where people live life to the fullest! UTS really suits me, the technical courses are very flexible and the fee structure is good. I did look at other unis but found UTS:Engineering the best. Consulting with my brother-in-law, who did his MBA at UTS, cemented my determination to come here to study.

UTS is so flexible, the professors are great, friendly and very approachable. I really like my courses and am doing very well in the subjects, for example, I achieved the highest mark ever in a subject called Quality Planning and Analysis!

The library is my second home where I spend a lot of my time throughout the semester and of course the campus also has a lot of computer labs which are open 24/7. I’ve joined the Peer Network; which is a voluntary student program on campus; we welcome and assist new students and also help out at events. Through this group I have met a lot of new people from different nationalities. It’s great fun and you get a really good chance to grow as a person. It’s also a great opportunity to get involved in many events and activities which are especially for peer networkers. I got the award for ‘outstanding peer networker’ which is voted on by the other peer networkers. I’ve also joined BUiLD which is a program to enrich your study time here and develop leadership skills. Again, it’s an immense chance for networking and building relations, where you get to meet high profile speakers and other corporate people; also if you are lucky enough, you may get some work opportunities as well.

I live in a student residence, Gumal Ngurang, which is very close to the campus and where I share the apartment with multi-nationality students, which is again a unique experience and enables you to learn so much about other cultures and also helps to improve your networking and other inter-personal skills. But I have to do my own cooking which means I eat out a lot, mainly burgers, other fast food and I’ve started liking Thai food a lot.

In my free time I like to listen to music and watch movies on my laptop; I also frequently visit Darling Harbour which is one of my favourite spots to hang out with friends. I also like skating but haven’t done that much here. I play soccer, table tennis and badminton and like to watch cricket. My parents visited a few months ago and we went to the Gold Coast in Queensland. There are a lot of theme parks - Movie World, Sea World, Dream World, a wax museum and of course the beach. Since being here, I have learnt a lot about myself and have acquired technical and interpersonal skills and made lots of new friends. It’s the next step towards my career and I hope there will be plenty of professional jobs after finishing my course. In the meantime, there are many part-time jobs available, you just have to look.”



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