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Ronnie Sunde - UTS: Information Technology international student profile

Ronnie SundeRonnie Sunde is from Göthenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. Ronnie completed a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology majoring in Computer Graphics and Games Development at UTS a few years ago and later returned to Sydney to enroll in the Master of Science in Internetworking.

“I come from a manufacturing background and felt ready for a big change in my career and life. I wanted to go overseas to study, ideally in an English-speaking country. The UK is too close to Sweden, the USA, although a great place, just can’t compare to the laid-back mentality and friendly people of Australia which is halfway around the world from Europe, but I’ve certainly no regrets in that regard - the climate is always warm and I’ve met quite a few Swedish people. I never looked at another uni other than UTS – the location simply wins out! It’s a very good university and very student-friendly.

I had always been interested in computers, in fact have been quite passionate about it. I liked and enjoyed the work and saw it as a potential career. So I decided to do the BSc in IT, majoring in Game Development, to learn programming.

During my studies I also managed to get a part-time job with the technical support unit at the faculty. The degree was good though I felt could have been more flexible – I would have liked more subject options.

When I completed I returned to Sweden but I soon missed Sydney! I had been away for a few years and found that friends and family had grown up; friends now had their own families. Also I missed the warm weather - it was the second worst winter in Sweden at that time and I was wondering what I was doing there. A friend here said why don’t you come back to Sydney, get a job and do a masters degree. That’s exactly what I did. I’d got tired of programming and wanted a career change which I hope I’ll get from the Master of Science in Internetworking.

The internetworking course is four core subjects and then all electives for two semesters. Lecturers are good but sometimes I find a subject might not be quite challenging enough but I’m still getting enough information to serve my needs and for what I want to achieve.

It was good coming back to Sydney, to the blue sky. This time round it was also better as there seems to be more going on at UTS. I particularly like all the areas for students to hang out – lots of sofas and other seating arrangements. A great improvement! I signed up for the Peer Networkers Meet for coffee; signed up for some clubs – photography, badminton and adventure (climbing, abseiling, caving). I spend a lot of time in the IT building which also has a convenience store for all the geeks who need food while at their computer – though it’s only open 10 to 10 and not on weekends so the building needs more vending machines.

I now work for a small company, doing programming. I guess I’m an unusual international student because I’m a few years older than most students and sometimes it’s a bit tough to connect.

I enjoy taking my camera out and aimlessly just walking around with friends, taking photos and trying to be creative trying to get that special shot.”

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