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Celebrate π-day at UTS

Celebrate pi day at UTSThe University of Technology, Sydney and IBM cordially invite you to a public lecture as part of our π-day celebrations on 14 March 2011.

Well known celebrity mathematician Professor Jonathan Borwein (opens external site), an architect of the Borwein Algorithm for computing π, will entertain us with an insightful expose of the weird and wonderful number π.

Professor Borwein is one of the world's most imaginative and creative mathematicians, and he will be sharing his passion for π; while showing us how it connects the scientific and engineering wonders of the ancient Greeks to 21st century advanced computing with the help of Glenn Wightwick (opens external site) and Andrew Mattingly Senior IT Architect IBM Australia (opens external site), David Bailey (US Department of Energy)(opens external site) and the University of Technology, Sydney.

You will be able to hear Professor Borwein interviewed by Adam Spencer on the 702 ABC Radio breakfast show (opens external site) at 7.30am on 14 March.

π Links:

Live webcast

Tune in to the live webcast (opens an external website) from 6.00pm.

14 March 2011
5:30pm for Drinks and Nibbles; 6:00pm Public Lecture
City - Broadway CB10
All Welcome
to Gunasmin Lye by 11 March 2011
Gunasmin Lye, Ph. 02 9514 2663

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