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Four UTS Teams at RoboCup 2011!

The Faculty will have an unprecedented level of participation at RoboCup this year, up from one team in 2003 to four in 2011. The newest team, the Karachi Koalas (opens external site), will compete in the 3D Humanoid Simulation League for the first time in 2011.

RoboCup is a global research and education initiative that provides a unique vehicle to advance robotics and to bring futuristic robot technologies closer to reality. Its stated objective can be found at the RoboCup website (opens external site) plus a history of RoboCup (opens external site).

RoboCup's dream is that by the mid-21st century, a team of fully autonomous humanoid robot soccer players will play the human team that won the World Cup for that year, (complying with the official rules of FIFA), and win.

We congratulate our four teams who have qualified for RoboCup 2011.The qualification process is very gruelling and intense, against a large international field, and only the best teams are selected.

Our four teams are:

WrightEagle Unleashed! - Nao Humanoid Soccer

UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT and the University of Science and Technology China (USTC) join together again to compete as WrightEagle Unleashed! (opens external site). Check out their progress on twitter (opens external site).

In the Humanoid League (opens external site), autonomous robots with a human-like body plan and human-like senses play soccer against each other. Unlike humanoid robots outside the Humanoid League the task of perception and world modelling is not simplified by using non-human like range sensors.

Karachi Koalas - 3D Humanoid Simulation Soccer

UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT and the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (IBA) (opens external site), joining together for the first time to compete as the Karachi Koalas (opens external site). Check out their progress on twitter (opens external site).

Without the necessity to maintain any robot hardware, the RoboCup Simulation League's (opens external site) focus comprises artificial intelligence and team strategy.


UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT and its Centre for Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, with the University of New South Wales and University of Sydney.

RoboCup@Home (opens external site) is a new league inside the RoboCup competitions that focuses on real-world applications and human-machine interaction with autonomous robots. The aim is to foster the development of useful robotic applications that can assist humans in everyday life.

RoboCup Rescue

UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT and the University of New South Wales

One major application of RoboCup technologies is search and rescue in large scale disaster situations. RoboCup initiated RoboCupRescue (opens external site) project to specifically promote research in socially significant issues.

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