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Jinjiu Li and Wei Wei

Doctor of Philosophy

Wei Wei and Jinjiu LiWei Wei and Jinjiu Li are FEIT PhD students at UTSstudying under the Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI) and the Centre for Qauntum Computation and Intelligent Systems.

Their PhD research has seen them collaborating on various projects while bringing their data-mining and analytical skills to the workforce as representatives of UTS. Currently working on a pilot project for a major financial corporation and having previously worked with both government and corporate institutions, they are developing effective analytical models that are designed to prevent and detect financial crime and fraud. The success of these projects to date has been very encouraging and another positive step towards strengthening links between UTS:Research and industry.

Wei Wei’s interest in analytics comes from an early love of computer programming and mathematics. She applied for a PhD at UTS after completing a Masters in Network Security at Southeast University in China. Wei was particularly interested in areas of Network Security that combined research and its application in industry. She found the AAI via the internet and was impressed with the strength of its reputation in the field of data mining.

The focus of Wei’s research is online fraud detection and the topic of her thesis is “E-commerce risk modelling”. The research involves building a risk control model incorporating discriminative behaviour analysis. The outcome of the research will provide a framework and robust methodologies for detection and identification of dynamic fraud behaviours in the area of finance.

One of the most satisfying elements of her PhD research is seeing it applied to industry with positive results. Through her project work Wei feels that she is gaining a good understanding of the communication skills and work experience required to bring her research skills to industry. In the future Wei would like to research and develop data mining techniques to meet industry needs.

“ I want my research to be applied to the workplace in a practical and efficient way so a positive impact can be witnessed in real world terms.”

Jinjiu Li came to his PhD with five years of industry experience in software development. Jinjiu’s decision to undertake his PhD was motivatedby a desire to explore ways of utilising the vast wealth of data that is available to industry. He was aware of the AAI through work connections and applied to UTS largely on the strength of Professor Longbing Cao’s (Director of AAI) reputation in the field.

Jinjiu switched from a degree in Civil Engineering to further his education in the field of data mining and was interested in its potential for fraud detection and prevention. Jinjiu’s PhD was inspired by a strong sense of the gap between data mining research and the realisation of its real world potential.

“In industry there is a vast amount of information and data that is available for use but a significant lack of knowledge about the data itself and how to use it. I want to help close that gap”.

Jinjiu’s thesis explores ways in which fraud detection can be achieved through contrast pattern mining. Contrast pattern mining looks at norms in financial transaction behaviour through the data it generates and seeks to identify and explore variations on these norms in detecting fraudulent behaviour.

Jinjiu has also gained a great deal of satisfaction from the fact that the models he is developing through research will be tested and its worth assessed in real world terms. In this way he will see the research carried through to industry and its resulting impact.

Jinjiu’s goals for the future are to work with industry to convert data mining technology in to a commercial product for applied use. In this way he hopes to develop models for specific applications based on particular cases that have proved successful.

Both Jinjiu and Wei have drawn greatly from the support and expertise of their colleagues and supervisors. They feel very much a part of the wider AAI team and it is the training and opportunities provided by AAI that are enabling them to combine their research skills with industry. Jinjiu and Wei both express great satisfaction at seeing their work recognised by their colleagues in industry and the way that this reflects upon the AAI and UTS as a whole.



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