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ZUNZ 20 Enterprise IT - The next wave of change

Engineering and IT leaders heard Oracle Vice President, Roland Slee's ideas on the forces changing enterprise IT and key areas of opportunity for the more effective use of IT in business.

Slee was the speaker for the final Zunz lecture for 2008, Enterprise IT – The Next Wave of Change, which took place at the University of Technology, Sydney on Wednesday 10 December.

Slee maintains that, "IT has contributed a lot to business but remains in its infancy," adding that "today, most large enterprises have become so dependent on their unique tangle of technologies and systems that IT has become for them more of an impediment to change than an enabler of it."

"When you can look into your enterprise system and see your enterprise completely, accurately, and immediately, that is the ultimate goal of enterprise IT," he said.

Slee concluded that in order to reach this goal, there needs to be a fundamental re-architecting of the way in which enterprises have traditionally operated for the adoption of much simpler more standardised infrastructures and universal standards based approaches to the management of information and the deployment of applications. The rapid acceleration of technology innovation will create opportunities for business and spin off a fresh round of technology winners and losers.

Roland Slee is Vice President for Banking and Capital Markets for Oracle Corporation Asia Pacific. Oracle is the world's leading vendors of enterprise information systems and a key force for change in IT having acquired more than 40 leading software companies over recent years, including PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel and BEA.

He travels frequently throughout Asia and the US and with more than 20 years in IT is ideally positioned to share what is coming next.

The Zunz lecture series is presented by the UTS Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology with the aim of exploring broad community issues relating to engineering and IT.

The series is named in honour of Sir Jack Zunz, a brilliant British engineer who led the design team on the Sydney Opera House and who was considered inspirational both in engineering and education.

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