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Journal articles

Bagg, M.K., Hübscher, M., Rabey, M., Wand, B.M., O’Hagan, E., Moseley, L., Stanton, T.R., Maher, C.G., Goodall, S., Saing, S., O’Connell, N.E., Luomajoki, H. & McAuley, J.H. 2017, 'The RESOLVE Trial for people with Chronic Low Back Pain: Protocol for a randomised clinical trial', Journal of Physiotherapy, vol. 63, no. 1, pp. 47-48.

Cole, A., Shah, K., Mulhern, B., Feng, Y. & Devlin, N. 2017, 'Valuing EQ-5D-5L health states ‘in context’ using a discrete choice experiment', European Journal of Health Economics.
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Cronin, P.A., Kirkbidge, B., Bang, A., Smith, D., Parkinson, B. & Haywood, P. 2017, 'Long-term health care costs for patients with prostate cancer: A population-wide longitudinal study in New South Wales Australia', Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology, vol. 13, no. 3, pp. 160-171.
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Cronin, P.A., Reeve, R., Viney, R., McCabe, P. & Goodall, S. 2017, 'The impact of childhood language difficulties on healthcare costs from 4 to 13 years: Australian longitudinal study', International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, vol. 19, pp. 381-391.

Daniels, B., Lord, S., Kiely, B., Houssami, N., Lu, C., Ward, R., Haywood, P. & Pearson, S. 2017, 'Use and outcomes of targeted therapies in early and metastatic HER2–positive breast cancer in Australia: Protocol detailing observations in a whole of population cohort', BMJ Open, vol. 7:e014439.
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De Abreu Lourenco, R., Haas, M., Hall, J. & Viney, R. 2017, 'Valuing meta-health effects for use in economic evaluations to inform reimbursement decisions: a review of the evidence', PharmacoEconomics, vol. 35, no. 3, pp. 347-362.
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De Abreu Lourenco, R., Kenny, P., Haas, M.R. & Hall, J. 2017, 'Factors affecting general practitioner charges and Medicare bulk-billing: results of a survey of Australians - erratum.', Med J Aust, vol. 206, no. 7, pp. 326-326.

de Groot, S., van der Linden, N., Franken, M.G., Blommestein, H.M., Leeneman, B., van Rooijen, E., van der Hoeven, J.J.M., Wouters, M.W., Westgeest, H.M. & Uyl-de Groot, C.A. 2017, 'Balancing the Optimal and the Feasible: A Practical Guide for Setting Up Patient Registries for the Collection of Real-World Data for Health Care Decision Making Based on Dutch Experiences', Value in Health, vol. 20, no. 4, pp. 627-636.
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© 2016 International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR). Objectives: The aim of this article was to provide practical guidance in setting up patient registries to facilitate real-world data collection for health care decision making. Methods: This guidance was based on our experiences and involvement in setting up patient registries in oncology in the Netherlands. All aspects were structured according to 1) mission and goals ("the Why"), 2) stakeholders and funding ("the Who"), 3) type and content ("the What"), and 4) identification and recruitment of patients, data handling, and pharmacovigilance ("the How"). Results: The mission of most patient registries is improving patient health by improving the quality of patient care; monitoring and evaluating patient care is often the primary goal ("the Why"). It is important to align the objectives of the registry and agree on a clear and functional governance structure with all stakeholders ("the Who"). There is often a trade off between reliability, validity, and specificity of data elements and feasibility of data collection ("the What"). Patient privacy should be carefully protected, and address (inter-)national and local regulations. Patient registries can reveal unique safety information, but it can be challenging to comply with pharmacovigilance guidelines ("the How"). Conclusions: It is crucial to set up an efficient patient registry that serves its aims by collecting the right data of the right patient in the right way. It can be expected that patient registries will become the new standard alongside randomized controlled trials due to their unique value.

Devlin, N., Feng, Y., Shah, K., Mulhern, B. & van Hout, B. 2017, 'Valuing Health-Related Quality of Life: An EQ-5D-5L Value Set for England', Health Economics.

Feng, Y., Devlin, N., Shah, K., Mulhern, B. & van Hout, B. 2017, 'New Methods for Modelling EQ-5D-5L Value Sets: An Application to English Data', Health Economics.

Fiebig, D., Viney, R.C., Knox, S., Haas, M., Street, D., Hole, A.R., Weisberg, E. & Bateson, D. 2017, 'Consideration sets and their role in modelling doctor recommendations about contraceptives', Health Economics, vol. 26, no. 1, pp. 54-73.
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Gardner, T., Refshauge, K., McAuley, J., Hübscher, M., Goodall, S. & Smith, L. 2017, 'Physiotherapists' beliefs and attitudes influence clinical practice in chronic low back pain: a systematic review of quantitative and qualitative studies', Journal of Physiotherapy.
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Gu, M.Z. & Johar, M. 2017, 'Profiling hospital utilisation in a mixed public-private system', Applied Economics, vol. 49, no. 4, pp. 361-375.
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While there is an extensive body of literature on the demand for hospital services, little is known about the interaction between public and private hospitals in a mixed system. In this article, we (1) apply latent class analysis to identify distinct subgroups of patients who use the hospital market differently, (2) characterize each patient type by their personal characteristics and (3) link the patient type to future hospital admissions. We apply our analysis to individual-level longitudinal patient data from Australia, focusing on three popular procedures that are performed in both public and private hospitals. We find 4–5 patient types. The most common types use either a public or a private hospital almost exclusively and absorb a moderate level of hospital resources. The severe types represent 13–17% of patients. The type which uses both sectors makes up 10–20% and tends to have private health insurance coverage. The patient types are predictive of prospective utilizations as we find that patients tend to be admitted to the sector they have used in the past. By revealing how patients use coexisting public and private hospitals, our results have direct implications on health resource financing and allocations.

Haeusler, G., Thursky, K., Mechinaud, F., Babl, F., De Abreu Lourenco, R., Slavin, M. & Phillips, B. 2017, 'Predicting Infectious ComplicatioNs In Children with Cancer: an external validation study', British Journal of Cancer.

Haeusler, G.M., Thursky, K.M., Slavin, M., Mechinaud, F., Babl, F.E., Bryant, P., De Abreu Lourenco, R. & Phillips, R. 2017, 'External validation of six pediatric fever and neutropenia clinical decision rules', Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal.

Hanly, P., Pearce, A. & Sharp, L. 2017, 'Cancer and productivity loss in the Irish economy: an employer’s perspective', The Irish Journal of Management, vol. 36, no. 1, pp. 5-20.
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Johar, M., Mu, C., van Gool, K. & Wong, C.Y. 2017, 'Bleeding hearts, profiteers, or both specialist physician fees in an unregulated market', Health Economics, vol. 26, no. 4, pp. 528-535.
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This study shows that, in an unregulated fee-setting environment, specialist physicians practise price discrimination on the basis of their patients’ income status. Our results are consistent with profit maximisation behaviour by specialists. These findings are based on a large population survey that is linked to administrative medical claims records. We find that, for an initial consultation, specialist physicians charge their high-income patients AU$26 more than their low-income patients. While this gap equates to a 19% lower fees for the poorest patients (bottom 25% of the household income distribution), it is unlikely to remove the substantial financial barriers they face in accessing specialist care. There are large variations across specialties, with neurologists exhibiting the largest fee gap between the high-income and low-income patients. Several possible channels for deducing the patient’s income are examined. We find that patient characteristics such as age, health concession card status and private health insurance status are all used by specialists as proxies for income status. These characteristics are particularly important to further practise price discrimination among the low-income patients but are less relevant for the high-income patients. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Kenny, P.M., Goodall, S., Street, D. & Greene, J. 2017, 'Choosing a Doctor: Does presentation format affect the way consumers use health care performance information?', The Patient: Patient Centered Outcomes Research.
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King, M., Viney, R.C., Pickard, S., Rowen, D., Aaronson, N.K., Brazier, J.E., Cella, D., Costa, D.S.J., Fayers, P., Kemmler, G., McTaggart-Cowen, H., Mercieca-Bebber, R., Peacock, S., Street, D.J., Young, T.A. & Norman, R. 2017, 'Australian utility weights for the EORTC QLU-C10D, a multi-attribute utility instrument derived from the cancer-specific quality of life questionnaire, EORTC QLQ-C30', PharmacoEconomics.

Luckett, T., Agar, M., Luscombe, G., Phillips, J., Beattie, E., Pond, D., Mitchell, G., Davidson, P., Cook, J., Brooks, D., Houltram, J., Goodall, S. & Chenoweth, L. 2017, 'Effects of facilitated family case conferencing for advanced dementia: A cluster randomised clinical trial', PLoS ONE.

Luckett, T., Chenoweth, L., Phillips, J., Brooks, D., Cook, J., Mitchell, G., Pond, D., Davidson, P., Beattie, E., Luscombe, G., Goodall, S., Fischer, T. & Agar, M. 2017, 'A facilitated approach to family case conferencing for people with advanced dementia living in nursing homes: Perceptions of Palliative Care Planning Coordinators and other health professionals in the IDEAL Study', International Psychogeriatrics.

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Mulhern, B., Norman, R., Lorgelly, P., Lancsar, E., Ratcliffe, J., Brazier, J. & Viney, R. 2017, 'Is Dimension Order Important when Valuing Health States Using Discrete Choice Experiments Including Duration?', PharmacoEconomics, vol. 35, no. 4, pp. 439-451.
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Mulhern, B.J., Bansback, N., Hole, A.R. & Tsuchiya, A. 2017, 'Using Discrete Choice Experiment with duration to model EQ-5D-5L health state preferences: Testing experimental design strategies', Medical Decision Making, vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 285-297.
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Mulhern, B.J., Pink, J., Rowen, D., Borghs, S., Butt, T., Hughes, D., Marson, A. & Brazier, J. 2017, 'Comparing generic and condition specific preference based measures in epilepsy: EQ-5D-3L and NEWQOL-6D', Value in Health, vol. 20, no. 4, pp. 687-693.
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Nerich, V., Saing, S., Gamper, E.-.M., Holzner, B., Pivot, X., Viney, R. & Kemmler, G. 2017, 'Critical appraisal of health-state utility values used in breast cancer-related cost-utility analyses.', Breast Cancer Res Treat, vol. 164, no. 3, pp. 527-536.
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PURPOSE: To review the data sources of health-state utility values (HSUVs), as well as their elicitation and use, in 140 breast cancer-related cost-utility analyses (CUAs), and to provide a critical appraisal of these. METHODS: A checklist was developed to guide the process of the critical appraisal. It is divided into three parts: the data source (three questions), elicitation method (four questions), and use (ten questions) of HSUVs in CUAs. Two independent reviewers performed the data extraction. A consensus was reached in case of disagreements. Data sources were categorized as "original study," "derived from the literature," or "other." RESULTS: The data source of HSUVs was always specified. When HSUVs were derived from the literature (90% of cases), the authors referred to a median number of two references as data sources. The critical appraisal of the elicitation of HSUVs in CUAs revealed considerable variability in terms of the quality of the reporting of the data source selection of HSUV. More details were provided by authors when HSUVs were elicited from an original study rather than derived from the literature. The use of HSUVs elicited from an original study was generally better described in terms of the checklist than were those derived from the literature. CONCLUSIONS: Based on the developed checklist, we were able to highlight the challenges that authors are facing when trying to adequately report HSUV used in CUAs. Our proposed checklist offers a good starting point for encouraging more explicit and comprehensive reporting of HSUVs in CUAs.

Nguyen, K.-.H., Mulhern, B., Kularatna, S., Byrnes, J., Moyle, W. & Comans, T. 2017, 'Developing a dementia-specific health state classification system for a new preference-based instrument AD-5D', Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, vol. 15.
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Norman, R., Viney, R., Aaronson, N.K., Brazier, J.E., Cella, D., Costa, D.S.J., Fayers, P.M., Kemmler, G., Peacock, S., Pickard, A.S., Rowen, D., Street, D.J., Velikova, G., Young, T.A. & King, M.T. 2017, 'Erratum to: Using a discrete choice experiment to value the QLU-C10D: feasibility and sensitivity to presentation format.', Qual Life Res, vol. 26, no. 8, pp. 2247-2248.
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