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Completed projects

Studio Artes – Studio A Social Enterprise

Studio Artists caters specifically to adults with disabilities who have a vocational interest in the arts; that is, people with an established arts practice, and a developed portfolio of work, who possess the drive and passion to pursue art professionally. The program offers participants access to high quality, sustained artistic tuition, and supports participants to establish the range of skills and networks necessary for a professional arts practice.

Licensing strategy to commercialise Studio A artists’ work

A team of Management Consulting students worked with Studio A to develop a licensing strategy to commercialise the artwork created by its artists. The licensing strategy will enable Studio A to grow its income by developing art work into sellable products as a viable revenue stream, the profits of which go back to artists.

Faculty: UTS Business School

Industry Advisors: Tennille Cheong and James Hayward (E3Advisory)

Students: Max McFarlane, Patrick Murray, Brice Vaxelaire, Ida Hammenfors, Fattum Prekadini and Nathan Gowdie

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