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Submit a project

DEADLINE REMINDER: The deadline for submitting new projects in Autumn Semester is 31 January, and July 1 for Spring Semester.

You can submit a project by:

1. Filling in our online Project Description Form

2. Downloading the PDF of our Community Project Description Form and either:

  • Filling in and emailing to, (Please Note: you can only complete the form digitally using Adobe Reader. Mac users will need to make sure that they open the file in Adobe, not Preview. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can download the latest version for free here.)
  • Printing out the form, filling in in and faxing to 02 9514 2911 or posting to: UTS Shopfront, PO Box 123, Broadway NSW 2007

You will receive acknowledgement that we have received the project within a week. If you do not receive an acknowledgement please contact us.

Upcoming deadlines to submit new community projects to Shopfront are:

  • Autumn Semester (March to June) - 31 January
  • Spring Semester (August to November) - 1 July

Filling in the Project Description Form

This form is a proposal only and decisions are not made based on the form alone. It should provide enough information to work out if the project is viable. Viability is based on a number of factors including time frame, availability of expertise, level of academic rigour and cost factors.

Shopfront staff will advise you if the project is going ahead early in the semester and organise a meeting with the student/s who have agreed to undertake the project.

Please contact us if you are having problems filling in the form or would like to discuss your project idea.