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QCIS Seminar: "Comparing quantum and classical computational complexity - Prof Richard Josza, DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK

Presented by Prof Richard Josza, DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK (invited by Prof Runyao Duan)

Abstract: We will give an introduction to the essential notions of theoretical quantum computation and then discuss, more particularly, the relationship between quantum and classical computing power as revealed by the notion of an efficient classical simulation of a quantum circuit. We will overview a series of recent results that indicate a surprisingly rich and delicate relationship, and suggest some directions for further developments.

Brief Bio: Professor Richard Jozsa is one of the founders of Quantum Information Science. He has made many groundbreaking contributions to the theory of quantum information and computation, including the (co-)discoveries of quantum teleportation and the first quantum algorithm that is exponentially more efficient than any classical algorithm (the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm). In recent years his research has focussed on the computational complexity of simulations of quantum circuit families.

The high standards of Professor Jozsa's work has been recognized by many international institutions, including the London Mathematical Society who awarded him the 2004 Naylor Prize and "Physics Today" who in 2005 named the teleportation paper as one of the ten hottest papers in their 110 year history.

Currently, Professor Jozsa is the Leigh Trapnell Professor of Quantum Physics and head of the Centre for Quantum Information and Foundations within the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge. He also serves on the editorial board of "Physical Review Letters", the steering committees for the major annual conferences "Quantum Information Processing" and the "Asian Quantum Information Science Conference", and was a founding managing editor of the journal of "Quantum Information and Computation".



16 April 2013
13:00 - 14:00
City - Broadway CB10 Level 2, Room 230
All Welcome
Barbara Munday

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