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QCIS Seminar: Learning Partial Differential Equations for Computer Vision and Image Processing - Prof Zhouchen Lin, Peking University, China

Presented by: Prof Zhouchen Lin, Peking University, Beijing, China (invited by Prof Dacheng Tao)

Abstract:  Many computer vision and image processing problems can be posed as solving partial differential equations (PDEs). However, designing a PDE system usually requires high mathematical skills and good insight into the problems. We consider designing PDEs for various problems arising in computer vision and image processing in a lazy manner: learning PDEs from training data via an optimal control approach. We first propose a general intelligent PDE system that holds the basic translational and rotational invariance rule for most vision problems. By introducing a PDE-constrained optimal control framework, it is possible to use the training data to learn PDEs for different computer vision tasks. The proposed optimal control based training framework aims at learning a PDE-based regressor to approximate the unknown (and usually nonlinear) mapping of different vision tasks. The experimental results show that the learned PDEs can solve different vision problems reasonably well. In particular, we can obtain PDEs not only for problems that traditional PDEs work well with, but also for problems for which PDE-based methods have never been tried before, due to the difficulty in describing those problems in a mathematical way.

Brief Bio: Prof Zhouchen Lin received the PhD degree in applied mathematics from Peking University in 2000. He is currently a Professor at the Key Laboratory of Machine Perception (MOE), School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University. He is also a Chair Professor at Northeast Normal University and a guest professor at Beijing Jiaotong University. Before March 2012, he was a Leading Researcher at the Visual Computing Group, Microsoft Research Asia. He was a guest professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University and Southeast University, and a guest researcher at the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research interests include computer vision, image processing, computer graphics, machine learning, pattern recognition, and numerical computation and optimisation. He is an associate editor of the International Journal of Computer Vision and a Senior member of the IEEE. He will serve at CVPR2014 as an area chair.

7 August 2013
15:30 - 17:00
City - Broadway CB02 Level 4, Lecture Room 13
All Welcome
Barbara Munday

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