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Simulations expert facilitates in-country training in Oman

In February 2011, the Oman Medical Simulation Centre (OMSC) as part of the Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) invited the UTS Director of Simulation and Technologies, Michelle Kelly to Oman, to facilitate a short course in Healthcare Simulation.

The new medical simulation centre opened in January this year to support curriculum, enabling in-country specialist resident training using contemporary healthcare simulation technologies. The course ran over four days and was designed to encompass all areas of healthcare simulation.

Senior doctors from various specialties participated in this multidisciplinary workshop focusing on writing patient care scenarios, running and testing the simulation scenarios as well as evaluating learning outcomes and strategies for post-simulation debriefing. Workshop sessions also facilitated an understanding of the wider educational applications of simulations such as the links to patient safety, and the importance of communication and other non-technical skills in addition to technical skills training.

Facilitation leader, Michelle Kelly said “The four-day course was extremely successful in increasing the awareness of Omani medical specialists and nurses to the wide array and potential application of simulation learning experiences. The training program was well received and has fast tracked OMSC plans to integrate simulation learning within curricula, providing innovative and contemporary experiences to enhance skill training, team work, communication and patient centred care ."

The foresight and support of the OMSB in setting up this new centre means that Omani health care professionals have access to cutting edge learning spaces and contemporary learning opportunities to improve practice and subsequently, patient care.

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