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Dummy run as student nurses put their skills to the test

Using intelligent dummies to
teach nursing students
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Lars is a Norwegian with bad hair, an ill-defined back story and chest pains. He's also a $100,000 mannequin whose vital signs - and even his conversation - can be remotely controlled to keep student nurses Alison Sanders and Karla Aguiba on their game.

They spend less time in hospitals but the University of Technology, Sydney, is hoping when their students nurses arrive to deal with real patients and real problems their extensive interaction with Lars and his like will mean they are much better prepared.

''I've got some pain in my chest. It's right in the middle. It feels like someone's sitting on me,'' Lars tells his carers. ''What are you doing to me?''

After running through some tests the nurses call for a doctor.

''Am I OK?'' Lars asks. ''I'm worried about my dog, he's at home by himself.''

Lars is not alone. All around the wards of the faculty of nursing, midwifery and health lie simulated patients, of varying degrees of authenticity.

Read the full article on the Sydney Morning Herald (opens an external site).

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