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Inaugural Seminar - An Energy Industry Prospective

The Quantitative Finance Research Centre is pleased to announce a new Program for Research in Energy and Emissions Markets.


Program for Research in Energy and Emissions Markets

Inaugural Seminar - An Energy Industry Prospective

The Quantitative Finance Research Centre is pleased to announce a new Program for Program for Research in Energy and Emissions Markets. This program aims to create links between the University and the energy industry via short courses, seminars and postgraduate research. In order to launch the Program, we have put together an Industry Prospective featuring respected speakers from the energy industry. This seminar is being offered free of charge to the first 100 respondents.

Wednesday 9th March 2011
2pm - 5pm - Seminar
5pm - 6pm - Drinks and Canapes
Level 7, 235 Jones St UTS Building 10 (see map)
All welcome
Please confirm via e-mail below
Caroline Dobson

Opening Remarks:

Professor Erik Schlögl (Director, Quantitative Finance Research Centre)

Professor Alexander Novikov
 (Professor of Mathematics, School of Mathematical Sciences)


Professor Paul Simshauser (AGL Energy Limited)

Boomerang Paradox - How a nation's wealth is creating fuel poverty and how to defuse the cycle:
  • Cost components of a retail electricity bill
  • Analysis of gas prices under an LNG scenario
  • Cost of new entrant power generators
  • Outlook for network capital expenditure
  • Outlook for electricity prices to 2015
  • Incidence of fuel poverty

Ben Vanderwaal (ROAM Consulting)

Delivering reliability of supply in a market environment:
  • Market rules and signals relating to reliability of supply in the NEM
  • Modelling reliability of supply in the NEM
  • Understanding the 'shape' of unserved energy events
  • Power station economics 101 - cost of supply for reliability
  • Determining minimum reserve levels and Market Price Cap to deliver on the Reliability Standard

Dean Price (d-cyphaTrade)

The Electricity Futures and Options Market
  • Futures Liquidity: Trading at over 300% of consumption, and rising
  • Introduction to the d-cyphaTrade ASX 24 Electricity products
  • New liquidity providers: Why 6 investment banks have entered the market since 2010
  • NSW privatisation: Impact on prices and liquidity
  • The 4 year price curve: Electricity prices for the next 4 years

Alex Georgievski (Ernst & Young)

Green Commodity Costs

Alex will provide a brief synopsis of the structure and impact of major green schemes operating in the NEM with the impending price of Carbon.

Dr. Igor Skryabin (ANU) & Dr. Alex Radchik (UTS)

Hedging Financial Risk for Solar Power Generators - Solar Derivatives
  • Stabilising generator economics
    • Insurance against intermittence in output
    • Exchange-tradable Solar Derivatives
    • OTC-tradable Solar Derivatives
  • Effective integration into the market
    • Virtual Generator setup
  • Towards a Solar and Windy future

Paul Simshauser

Paul Simshauser

Paul joined AGL in 2008 as Chief Economist & Group Head of Corporate Affairs. He has overall responsibility for regulated pricing, economic policy and sustainability, energy regulation, government affairs and emerging technology.

Paul has 20 years experience in the energy industry having commenced his career with the Queensland Electricity Commission. He previously held senior executive positions at Stanwell Corporation Limited, NewGen Power and Babcock & Brown.

An Economist by trade, Paul holds Bachelor Degrees in Economics and in Commerce, a Masters Degree in Accounting and Finance, and a PhD in Economics from the University of Queensland. He is a CPA, an AFMA Accredited Dealer and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

He is also Professor of Finance at Griffith University's Business School, and is widely published on energy economics in academic journals.

Ben Vanderwaal

Ben Vanderwaal

Ben has been integrally involved in the development and application of sophisticated market forecasting tools and processes for the competitive National Electricity Market since ROAM Consulting's establishment in January 2000. Prior to taking on the role of Managing Director, Ben was the senior software engineer and principal developer of ROAM Consulting's market forecasting software package (2-4-C) and associated software tools including Integrated Resource Planning, load trace forecasting and interfacing with power flow analysis.

Ben has completed a wide range of forecasting and other consulting assignments for clients with diverse requirements. He enjoys the challenging task of developing an understanding of complicated interrelated systems in order to extract and present the key information in a form that is easily digested by the target audience through written reports and presentations.

Dean Price

Dean Price

Dean has been directly involved in derivative trading since 1991 and has an extensive network of trading, risk management, broking and other intermediary contacts across the Australian power market and wider futures industry. He has a "trader's perspective" of futures and Over the Counter (OTC) markets gained from 13 years of proprietary trading across a diverse range of financial derivative markets.

Dean was an options market maker on the SFE's open outcry options pits from 1991 to 1998 (for Fay Richwhite Merchant Bank and Deutsche Bank). From 1999 to 2004, Dean was Electricity Trading Manager for Duke Energy Australia (Duke), responsible for managing Duke's electricity trading team which actively and successfully traded OTC and exchange traded energy derivatives and physical power generation dispatch in the NEM. Dean joined d-cyphaTrade as General Manager in 2004.

Alex Georgievski

Alex Georgievski

Alex has worked across the NEM and Financial Markets for 11 years. He is currently a Senior Manager in Ernst & Young's Quantitative Risk Management Practice in Sydney and advises clients with physical and financial exposures on Energy and Environmental Trading Risk Management (EETRM). Alex commenced as a graduate with the ACCC (now the AER) working on electricity spot market design and market surveillance. In 2004 he visited US energy market operators, trading houses, investment firms and research schools at the invitation of the US State Department's Fulbright Scholarship program.

In 2006 Alex was project manager of Energy Financial Markets for the Council of Australian Government's Energy Reform Implementation Group. Since 2006 he has advised commercial NEM operations on energy derivatives, PPA's, the use of VaR & EaR, and Inventory Management of Green Commodities for optimising energy and environmental portfolios. He has honours degrees in Economics and Finance, has submitted a PhD in Finance at the ANU, and is a Fulbright Scholar.

Igor Skyrabin

Igor Skyrabin

Dr. Skryabin's 30-year academic and industrial experience includes solar technologies, energy efficient windows, sensors and development of new industrial solutions. In 2006 Igor joined Australian National University, where he is responsible for the creation of new business opportunities and procuring funding for ANU solar R&D. Igor has over 130 publications and more than 40 patents and industrial designs, most of which are granted. He has been an invited speaker at many international workshops and conferences. In its 2010 review of quality of Australian solar patents, Griffith Hack (Australian largest IP firm) identified Igor as the second-most cited Australian solar inventor.

Igor holds a PhD from the Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering, MBA from the University of Canberra and Master of Industrial Property from UTS.

Alex Radchik

Alex Radchik

Dr. Alex Radchik is a highly experienced Quantitative and Risk Management Consultant, specializing in areas of forecasting, market monitoring, bid-stack simulation, and credit risk. Alex has consulted for and worked with a number of NEM-affiliated bodies, financial institutions and software vendors. He consulted to NEMMCO on a redesign of the MCL methodology, and while at TTA helped design and build the d-cyphaTrade Mark-to-Futures Forward Price Curve and a new credit risk model for the Energy Market. Alex has also developed new tools for optimal spot bidding into the NEM and a novel Hedge Accounting module.

His academic career included the position of Lecturer at UTS Sydney and an ARC Research Fellowship. He has more than 50 publications in international Financial and Physics journals and a number of patents. Alex holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the Academy of Sciences, USSR where he was designing new types of semiconductor materials for solar panels for the space program.

Currently Alex is working as a Senior Consultant - Risk Management & Analytics for Energy One Pty Ltd and also a Visiting Fellow at the Faculty of Sciences, UTS.

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