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Australian Development Research Awards - 2009 Funding Round

AusAID would like to announce a call for the submission of Applications for the 2009 Funding Round for the Australian Development Research Awards.  The Awards are a pillar of the AusAID Development Research Strategy which significantly scales up AusAID’s development research program.

The Funding Round process introduces greater transparency, consistency and quality assurance in AusAID's research program.

The Australian Development Research Awards are designed to attract quality research that informs policy development and increases the general stock of knowledge around development issues.  The 2009 Funding Round will award funding for research in the following four priority theme areas:

  • Disability-inclusive Development
  • Economics
  • Gender
  • Performance-linked Aid


The Principal Investigator must nominate an organisation with which he/she is affiliated to administer the grant and provide support.

The Funding Round is open to all Australian and international not-for-profit institutions or organisations where research is a core component of the organisation's mandate and where the organisation has a demonstrated capacity to carry out quality research and manage grant funds according to AusAID's policies.

The Funding Round will accept proposals of up to three years in duration.

Applications for AusAID to be an industry partner under the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage project scheme will also be considered under the Australian Development Research Awards.  This round is open for proposals submitted by Australian and international research organisations and institutions.

Available funding

Successful proposals are eligible to receive funding between AUD $100,000 and $300,000 per year.  Applications outside of the specified time and budget limits may be considered, but only at the discretion of the relevant Research Selection Committee.

Further information (opens an external site)

Documentation necessary for participation in the 2009-10 Australian Development Research Awards is as follows:

The original Application must be submitted online via the AusAID website.
Note: The online submission facility enables proposals to be saved and worked on prior to the final submission date of 18 September 2009.

If you need help, please contact the AusAID Research Section at,
fax: 02 6206 4570 or
phone: 02 6206 4988.

Who should you notify?

It is requested that applicants email Vi Nguyen, Grants Administrator, as soon as possible if you intend submitting an application under this scheme.

Closing date

RIO closing date: Friday 11 September 2009.
AusAID closing date: 5pm AEST Friday 18 September 2009.

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