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UTS:Science collaborates with Australian Conservation Foundation on sustainable seafood.

Don Henry and Professor Attila Brungs

UTS: Science and the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) intend to collaborate on research projects that strengthen, protect and benefit the environmental, social, and economical needs of our ocean ecosystems and marine life.

Don Henry, Executive Director of the Australian Conservation Foundation and his colleagues joined a number of UTS researchers across various faculties, in May 2010, to discuss areas of collaboration related to social, economic and environmental sustainability of commercial fisheries. The partnership between UTS and ACF originated when Mr Chris Smythe, ACF’s Healthy Oceans campaigner, approached Professor David Booth at UTS, to be part of a science reference panel to assess fisheries sustainability, based on his current research interests on fish sustainability and expertise in marine ecology. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the two parties earlier this year.

On Tuesday 25 May, a small ceremony was held at UTS on behalf of the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Professor Bruce Milthorpe and Professor David Booth from the Department of Environmental Sciences to celebrate future research partnerships between UTS and the Australian Conservation Foundation.

To mark the occasion, the UTS Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research, Professor Attila Brungs was invited to come along for a meet and greet with Don Henry and his Australian Conservation Foundation associates. In attendance were UTS academics interested in ecological, social and economic sustainability as well as visual arts. This informal event reiterated the positive, collaborative research synergies and future relationships within UTS and between UTS and ACF, which is one of the main objectives of the university’s overall research activities. Professor Booth noted, “The recent UN report that world fisheries may collapse by 2050 reminds us that fish resources aren’t unlimited and Australia will face its share of challenges to keep a supply of healthy seafood on our plates. Our development of sustainability criteria and their use in testing fish products Australia-wide is an important part of the tool kit to protect and sustainably harvest fish stocks”.

Don Henry, Professor Attila Brungs surrounded by
UTS academic staff and ACF associates

As part of UTS Science, Professor Booth plays an important role in this joint project with the ACF by providing expert scientific knowledge and research in developing the sustainable seafood program to benefit industry, suppliers, consumers and the community at large. The program aims to guide and promote sustainability in oceanic health, improve sustainable seafood consumer choice and establish new ways to advocate positive change in Australian fisheries and their practices.

For more information about this joint project you can visit the ACF’s sustainable seafood website.




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